Ashandriana Stark {The Lone Wolf Warrior}

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32 years old
Romania -
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Full Name: Ashandriana Stark
Nicknames: Ash or Andriana
Aliases: The Lone Wolf
Date Of Birth: Ancient Times
Place Of Birth: Some where in Rome
Current Residence: On the Run
Race: Wolf
Ethnicity: Wolf Warrior
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister(S): Unknown
Brother(S): Unkonwn
Other Family: Wolves
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Current Relationship(s): None
Past Relationship(s): Herself

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The Lone Wolf
Traits: Howler & Figher
Quirks: Blood For Blood
Habits: Never Give up

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Dark shapes come to me at night. Monstrous forms. When I wake, they skulk in the shadows, shapeless, but no sooner am I asleep than they creep forward again.
You couldn’t kill me if you tried for a hundred years

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            Ashandriana Stark {The Lone Wolf Warrior}'s Details
Status: Single
Here for: ,
Orientation: Lesbian
Body Type: No Answer
Smoke / Drink: No Answer/No Answer
Education: No Answer
Religion: I will let you know . . .
Height: 0"0'

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